Tuesday, 12 May 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy

I was tagged by the lovely Rebecca from Percy and Grace to do the '50 things that make me happy' It is so important to remember the little things in every day life that make you happy, So I really enjoyed this, here are my 50 things that make me happy..

1. My children Of course this is a given, they are my kids and I love them unconditionally, they make me happy every day 
2. Matt again, a given, he's my husband and if he didn't make me happy he probably wouldn't be doing his job properly! lol
3. Family Being with the family, whether it's just our little foursome, or my parents, or dare I say it, the in laws..  
4. When the sun shines Everything is better when the sun shines!
5. Family days out We only get one day a week together as a family, so it's important to me to spend those days having quality time as a family, having fun out and about.
6. My home I love my home, it is small but perfect, not to mention the view!
7. Driving with the music on full blast I'm not sure there are many people who don't love doing this..
8. Having a good hair day My hair can be pretty wild and curly, so to tame that frizz is a great feat for me!
9. Giving the house a good clean with music on full blast Now I usually hate cleaning, but give me an empty house with a bit of Queen and I'm well away.
10. Watching the kids play together Well if they can entertain each other without me having to intervene, what's not to love?
11. Sunday roast Now I don't mean to toot my own horn - but I cook a mean roast..
12. Cooking for people I do like to show off those culinary skills sometimes!
13. BBQs Getting the family or friends round for a sausage and a cider on a summers day, brill.
14. My bed It's always there for comfort.. when you can get to it!
15. Chinese food Is it me or is this post becoming very food oriented? 
16. Shopping Much to Matts dismay.
17. Next Home Everything is so pretty in there and I want it all!
18. When the kids make each other laugh 9 times out of 10 they are just laughing at each other laughing.. I love it!
19. Being sat outside with a cuppa I do love watching the world drift by with a brew outside.
20. Cozying under a blanket watching a movie with Matt That feeling of being all snug and safe with the one you love!
21. Watching old footage of the kids This one breaks my heart a little and makes me happy at the same time.
22. Summer evenings spent outside watching the sun go down If you were to ever visit this place, you would see how calm and tranquil it is, so to be sat outside wrapped up with a warm drink watching the sunset is bliss to me.
23. Eastenders I can't help it, it's an addiction! 
24. Seeing the kids learn something new for the first time I love the look on their little faces when they have just figured out something new, excitement, accomplishment and determination all rolled into one.
25. Christmas!! Everything about it! Matt calls me Mrs Christmas.
26. Getting the time to paint As you can imagine with two young kids, this doesn't happen often these days..(unless you count poster painting with Tom) but if I get the chance it is one of the most relaxing things to do.
27. Buying clothes and makeup getting to pamper myself is quite rare, so when it happens I take full advantage.
28. Buying the kids clothes Just about every time I go out, i'm on the look out, can't help myself, god knows how bad I would be if they were girls! lol
29. Billy Connolly / Lee Evans I love a good comedian, those two are my favourites.
30. The excitement setting off for a holiday I probably get this one off my mum, we used to get up at the crack of dawn for a holiday and make the whole thing as exciting a possible, proper little adventure, so I still do it now, Matt thinks I'm nuts.
31. Being by the sea Living where we live, we are probably as far away from the sea as you can get, but I love it and hope to one day maybe live by the sea (can only dream)
32. Visiting Cornwall My favourite FAVOURITE place, have been going every year since I was very small, If we havn't been to Cornwall at least once that year, something is very wrong!
33. Having an organised house Well who likes a chaotic house? Granted that's what I live with the majority of the time, but for the small amount of time it is organised.. it is very pleasing...
34. Wearing clothes I feel good in There aren't many of these so it's always a good day when I'm wearing something I can be confident in.
35. Vlogging and Blogging This not only has made me lots of new friends and lovely people to chat to, but it is my little outlet to just be 'Anna' for a bit.
36. My fur baby Bosco Bosco is our doggy, he's now 5 years old and he's just so lovely, gentle, loving and well behaved (most of the time)
37. Spending time with my sister You know those people who just 'get' you, well for me that's my sister. She is at Uni in Newcastle right now, so I miss her lots!
38. Date nights Matt and I don't get very many of these, but we have figured now that when someone offers to have the kids, take it! It is so lovely to get out and be a couple again for a few hours.
39. Seeing friends We don't see our friends as much as we would like to, so when we do it's great!
40. Going through old photos I love doing this, especially the really old baby photos of myself and family.
41. Spending hours watching comedies like friends & scrubs with Matt We do love a feel good comedy, if ever one of us is feeling down, on go friends or scrubs to make us smile.
42. Getting cuddles from the kids. Especially without having to even ask!
43. Getting to hear from my brother I don't get to hear from him nearly as much as I would like, he is working as a chef in Honk Kong, before that it was London and after that it will be Copenhagen. So for his Nephews to get to speak to him makes me really happy!
44. Hearing music I love whether it be old or new.
45. Seeing Ewans smile just for Mummy That boy has a cheeky little smile saved just for me and I love it!
46. Seeing Tom excited I love seeing his little face getting excited about something or other (it's usually dragons lately)
47. Painting something and being incredibly pleased with the outcome again, this doesn't happen as much as I would like, in fact it has been years. But that feeling of accomplishment when you get a painting just the way you wanted is amazing.
48. Making others happy A selfless act in making someone else happy, makes me happy, so maybe it's not selfless at all?
49. Fresh bedding You can't beat a freshly made bed.
50. Making new friends This definitely makes me happy, being the shy awkward person that I am, it doesn't happen that often, which is why I love youtube and blogging :)

Well I hope you enjoyed reading that, if you got to the bottom! Hopefully it gave you a small insight to my world, thank you again to Rebecca for the Tag!

Anna x

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