Hello, thanks for stopping by!
My name is Anna, I'm 26, live in the East Midlands with my husband Matthew and our two cheeky boys, Thomas (3) and Ewan (11 Months)
Matthew and I have been together for 7 years, We both love the simple life, we live in the countryside and love nothing more than to just sit outside on an evening with a good brew and watch the world pass by in each others company.

I love to cook, I'm from quite the foodie family, so a home cooked meal is a must for me, I am an extremely shy and awkward person to be around sometimes (you can ask anyone) I've been described to have quite a dry, quirky personality at times (slight air head) but I'm OK with that!
I studied fine art in college and also artistic make up & special effects.
My main home is over on youtube, blogging is completely new to me, but I am hoping this can be another creative outlet for me, being a Mummy can fry your brain sometimes!

These two little boys are my whole world, they are just the sweetest, funniest little people, both with completely different personalities, Thomas has always been quite an old little soul, a genuine sweetheart, while Ewan is very head strong, no such thing as a free ride with that one, he knows what he wants, but I love it! Matt and I feel blessed to have them in our lives, I'm here to document their lives as children, as well as our little family.
So if you like what you see, grab yourself a cuppa and make yourself comfortable...