Thursday, 23 April 2015

Why Blog?

You might ask, why Blog? why Vlog? why put your life on-line,
There are many reasons, the main one being that I get to keep a record of my children and our life as we are, being a young family of four. These are some of the happiest times of your life, and the kids grow up so quickly at this age, mine are 3.5 and 11 months, every single day you can see a change in them, they have a new face to pull, a new word to speak, an amazing milestone, which granted, most others don't give a flying flip about, but for us Mummies it is a huge accomplishment that fills us with pride and makes us feel like we have have achieved something. Why would you NOT want to remember those times in as much detail as possible?

I have always been quite the on-line junkie, when I was a teenager, there I was on my freebie website, creating blogs on my MSN pages about daily life, Bebo, Myspace, I had it all, so it was just a natural progression really that I started watching videos on youtube about 6 years ago, and found the TTC/Pregnancy community and then found the Mummy community, I only started making videos myself in September 2014 (so I am relatively new to that) but I have found a place to voice my thoughts and opinions on something which I am passionate about, which is family. My husband has mentioned to me that whenever I talk about vlogging/ blogging, I get a little sparkle in me.

So here I am, beginning my blog journey, lets see where it takes us..

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  1. Something I keep having "regrets" about is that I didn't record much to look back on. I think its nice to be able to capture memories this way .x

    1. Definitely Kelly, its never too late to start :) I loved watching your videos xx